9+ Yify Alternative Website

9+ Yify Similar Website That You Will Love.

The search for the next best alternative yify (yts) has been the topic of conversation in the village lately. Since the torrent giant, yify movie, faced a fate similar to that of its counterparts like Pirate Bay and Torrentz, torrenters are constantly searching for the best substitute for YIFY. 3D quality if movies and TV shows can be downloaded from yify tv, latest movies can be gotten for free.

Disappointment is in the air as thousands of people seem to be wondering how they can access quality movies after some of their favorite torrent sites were closed. The high level of dependence is causing problems throughout the torrent community, especially because it was a source of quality content. Therefore, citizens are wondering if their favorite will ever come back.

What Happened to Yify ?

Yify official (also known as yts) practically became an overnight sensation among the cinema geeks by hosting high-quality prints of recently released films. Its popularity was unquestionable, generating millions in traffic every day.

Services resumed according to the norm and everything went well until, one day, the beloved site showed a blank page that was a rare sight to see. It took many users by surprise, as it had rarely fallen for more than a few hours.

Top 9+ YIFY Alternatives

Here is a list of the best alternative to your favorite torrent site, we provide you with the best possible yify torrents website replacements that are sure to quench that relentless appetite of yours.


Extra Torrent

ExtraTorrent needs no presentations. The website houses a vast bank of pop culture content such as games, music and TV shows. It is therefore very understandable why it is already a household name among torrenters. Extra Torrent is still running and has managed to dodge the DMCA so far. This naturally makes it the best yify streaming alternative on the market.



LimeTorrents has been around for a long time, and is finally getting the glory it deserves to offer torrents of all kinds. LimeTorrents is distinguished by its lively torrent bar. Compared to YIFY proxy services, it can save you time by telling you if you need to spend the time and bandwidth needed to download a torrent. You may not need to unlock yify official when accessing LimeTorrents.



Confused by the name 1337x and don’t know how to pronounce it? Throw your mind back to the early days of the internet. 1337 means “leet”, which means  “elite” by hackers. The term has been adopted by regular internet users over time. 1337x itself has a large database full of torrent files and magnetic links that can be downloaded through BitTorrent. 1337x is a public tracker, which is what you get with a YIFY proxy, but 1337x has specific ratings for registered users. This system is beneficial for generating competition among users and a signal that different parts of the content can be trusted.

Torrentsz2 is the godfather of all torrent sites. This site accumulates all the torrent of the main torrent sites. It’s like a warehouse of different torrent sites that shows the content of different torrent sites. It’s closer to Google’s torrents than any other site and you should be able to find anything you want here.



Especially known for hosting “high-resolution” content, RARBG has built up its goodwill by following the basics. As it is now, this torrent indexing website is one of the most desired torrent sites worldwide. The site has a huge online library of content that includes movies, games, TV shows and even software. So RARG can seriously address your torrenting issue and be the best replacement for yify movie official.


Kickass Torrents

A fine yify alternative is Kickass Torrents. The website was launched in 2008, and it is one of the best torrent sites on the market. Thanks to a huge database of over 10 million torrents that grows every day, Kickass is, well, kickass. KAT has an API and a brilliant indexing system for more than 9 categories. The torrents are monitored by the community and assessed for their health and relevance, to make sure you get access to a good torrent. If you can’t find the torrent you need, there is a special section about Kickass Torrents where you can request the torrent you need.



It seems that ISO has been around since time immemorial. it has been serving the torrenting community when it was not trending. Fortunately, ISOHunt is still unharmed against stricter copyright laws and seems to be going strong. The website has one of the largest (and oldest) torrent libraries on the internet today. So, while it would be foreseen to assume that ISOHunt is on the DMCA hit list, it has enormous potential to fill the void left by YIFY shutdown.



You don’t have to speak Russian to fall in love with ruTracker. This huge semi-public torrent website offers everything you could wish for, and possibly even things you didn’t know existed.


Nyaa is probably the best place for anime lovers and offers a huge selection of Japanese anime, manga, games, movies and other content. Most torrents are in Japanese, but English torrents are not hard to come by either.


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