New finger and pen gestures may appear in Windows 8

Windows 8

Many people are enthusiastic about the next Microsoft operating system known, from now on, as Windows 8. Windows 8, or whatever its name at the time of its release, is the long-awaited successor to the very popular Windows 7 operating system currently available from Microsoft. However, new developments are emerging on the Internet, including the fact that Microsoft has unveiled several patent applications that point to new finger and stylus movements that could be integrated into Windows 8 tablets.

These patent applications were filed in 2010, but Microsoft published them last week. These new patents show that Microsoft believes that finger and pen gestures can work not only separately but also together to provide a user-friendly way to enter data on new touchscreen devices. This new method, which would recognize both input methods, would recognize the first method as your finger and the second as your stylus. The use of your finger and stylus could then create a variety of gestures, many of which appear to be more oriented towards image editing, but could also be used for other purposes.

For example, a copying gesture would allow you to tap an object with your finger and move it with your stylus. A cutting motion would allow you to cut an object in half with your fingers, a stylus or both at the same time. A gesture of the brush would help you to remove a part of an image and store it elsewhere on the screen. A stapling gesture can be used to stack several objects or images on top of each other and a stamp gesture would create duplicates of what you want.

The next Windows 8 tablet operating system was unveiled by Microsoft at the D9 conference in June. Microsoft is expected to release more information and details about the operating system at the next Build Conference in September, with a beta version that could also be tested by developers at that time.


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