Mozilla discusses a 5-week release schedule for Firefox

I think it is safe to say that the new six-week rapid release cycle for Mozilla’s Firefox Internet browser has been the subject of much controversy since it was announced and implemented. However, it seems that Mozilla likes the negative press because it seems that there could be more to come from this fast release cycle.

Mozilla Firefox

In a recent thread noticed on a developer mailing list, anyone involved in the effort debated the possibility of further shortening the cycle. These developers are considering shortening the already short cycle from six weeks to five weeks or even shorter than that.

According to Josh Aas, software engineer at Mozilla, “Our transition to a six-weekly release went very well. We are getting patches for users much faster than before, but can we get patches for users even faster? The move to a five-week cycle would mean that a remedy going into mozilla-central would reach users three weeks faster.”

Shortening the short cycle people are already complaining about seems like a good idea? For Aas it does. “It’s a big deal,” Mr. Aas added. “It is an improvement in responsiveness that we cannot afford not to transmit if we succeed. I think the only way to know if we can do it is to try – we can always go back if it doesn’t work.”

However, not everyone is against shortening the cycle. Christian Legnitto, Firefox version manager, said: “Yes, I absolutely believe that in the future we will shorten the cycle, but it will not be for tomorrow. We have work to do to make six weeks easier in terms of process, tool and product. “When we have six weeks of science, we can shorten it if necessary.”

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