KissAnime : 10+ Best Anime Site Similar to KissAnime

10+ Best Anime Site Similar to KissAnime

KissAnime is recognized to be one of the most renowned Anime video sharing portals today. It provides an extensive catalog of Anime shows in different genres. Apart from that, it is one of the most organized and user-friendly websites among the Anime sites available. Categories are organized by tab according to the list of Anime, mobile device compatible programs, English Dubbed Anime, Cartoons and a tab where you can request a specific Anime that does not exist on the site. What marks this site from others is that it provides a complete episode of each anime in a high-quality maximum of 720pixel. Although this site is an excellent refuge for Anime lovers, there are also tons of sites like KissAnime. That’s why we’ve listed some of the most visited websites where you can watch Anime online.

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AnimeHeaven is not a stranger when it comes to the best websites like Kissanime. The webpage has been around for almost ten years and has provided a wide range of anime series for many people. The home page of the site is straightforward, showing the latest episode from the most recent anime series. In addition to this, there are also filter buttons to sort your favorite anime series. The site also has cartoons in their library, with the classics of the most recent series, it is undoubtedly a paradise for anime lovers. Animeheaven, also provides a list of scheduled updates of the anime to be monitored. That’s why you won’t miss the next update of the episode. Occasional ads are the only disadvantage of the site, advertisements that appear in the middle of the video. However, it is still one of the best places to watch anime.




One of the most common interactive webpages, like Kissanime, is probably OtakuStream. The site is an anime fansub site, which means that they do not steal the official anime version of the site. It is a community website where people contribute their fair share of anime for others who want to watch. This is true because there is an option in the comments, where people can become admins to download their favorite anime that are not yet in the site. OtakuStream has strong rules and regulations for those who request a series, so the environment is good for those who don’t like inappropriate content. It is an excellent alternative to Kissanime in all its aspects.

Karma Anime

Anime Karma is also an excellent site like Kissanime to watch animated series online. This site has a massive catalog of Anime series. Here you can watch various Anime shows on HD quality. From the main web page of the tool, you will see the list on the tiles. You can play from the ones that are flashed. Or you can sort it by type, year of release and quality. However, unlike the other sites discussed here, this site provides only one server link. Also, pop-up and On-click ads can be found everywhere on the site’s home page. Despite everything, it is still a good alternative because it is free and without restriction on the site.

Anime Rush

Some people may consider Anime Rush as a newcomer among sites like Kissanime. However, the site boasts a seamless streaming and high-quality sound and video. The only disadvantage is that each click on the site, an advertisement will open on a separate tab. Anime Rush is updated every hour with the latest episodes and has more than forty thousand episodes stored in its library. Also, videos are available for download to any device; even mobile devices are supported, making it a highly desirable way to take your anime with you everywhere. Overall, it is an excellent site like Kissanime because of its quality and fast video streaming.

Ultima Anime

Another one on the list of a similar site to Kissanime is Anime Ultima. It’s probably the most popular name among all the websites listed here, as it is considered the father of all anime streaming sites. The website has been around for some time, more than two decades to be precise, but it has never been closed. Anime Ultima is a website that is so popular that other websites get their updates from it because it is one of the fastest sites to update their library. Also, people can join the Ultima Anime community and interact with other members. It is an ideal place to discover new anime and even meet new friends, which makes it an excellent site like Kissanime.


AnimeFreak URL:

From the most recent to the old Anime Series, Anime Freak has become one of the most widely distributed websites online. Whether you register or not, you will be able to access the site. You can sort the list by categories to make it easier to find the ones you are looking for. Also, it contains complete episodes of your following. This only means that you can’t miss any episodes and you will be posted all the time. If you click on the Anime episode image tile, you will see a complete review of the show, ratings and episode listings. On the other hand, when it comes to site speed, it is reasonably well loaded. So, if you want to consider looking here, he is one of the recommended.



Watch your favorite Anime in HD and English with 9Anime. This video sharing portal is free to access and contains a vast catalog of Anime movies and series. Although this site is dubbed and subtitled, not all of them are. There is only the list of Anime with subbed and dubbed. You can view the list from the main website. You can also watch some of the most popular videos by visiting the “trends” tab. If you’re searching for old Anime, you can assuredly sort the list using the quick filter. You can choose the release date and gender accordingly. Also, at the footer of the website, you will see the release schedule for new episodes to keep you informed.

Animenova URL:

Another site like Kissanime is Animenova, formerly Anime44. Although it has changed its name, Animenova still has the same library of new and old animated series. Anime episodes are updated every day, almost at the same time as Japan. The home screen shows the recently updated list of anime and the most popular series of the season. In addition to the anime, Animenova also has a “Mangga” library which is also updated on time. They have series in Japanese and English, which is why it is popular even with non-Japanese people. A good thing about this is that everything is sorted, by categories, now the site is organized. However, to survive, the site has tons of ads that appear before the video plays. But he doesn’t deny the fact that he is one of the good sites like Kissanime to watch animated series.

Kuroani URL:

Kuroani may not be popular for you, but the site can also be a good alternative if you want to watch Anime for free. This site has a very simple look and feels and a straightforward interface. As far as content is concerned, it is still an upcoming site. You can say that the webpage is not lagging. Although there are many alternatives you can use, this one can be one of them. A non-profit body and guarantees maintain the site that people who use this site do not have to pay a penny. As a non-profit organization, expect that there will be a lot of advertising throughout the site.


animefrenzy.URL :

AnimeFrenzy is a similar site like Kissanime that stocks a wide selection of anime series. Like other anime sites, it is updated with the latest anime series, and the database is updated daily. The site also has an American cartoon series in its library, which makes it versatile. The content is also well organized for faster sorting, and the home page does not contain any unnecessary content. Besides, it has a “Random” button that provides a random Anime suggestion for people who don’t know what to watch. The site also has an android application that is downloadable from the Play Store, so that whenever the need to watch an anime comes up, it is within reach. With its diversified content, the site is sure to be a success with many anime lovers. Also, while watching, you can interact with other Anime fans who have watched the same series on the page using the chatroom. The chat room is located on the right side of the video being played back.



Access and look at the website using your mobile device with AnimeLab. It is one of the sites that has a very versatile website. Because it can be used on different browsers from different device platforms, in addition to accessing it through computers and mobile devices, you can also access them on your google chrome cast, Samsung TV, Xbox One, PlayStation, and Telstra TV, Apple TV, Foxtel Now box and Apple Airplay. The website was created Madman Entertainment in East Melbourne of Australia. This means you can watch more comfortably without being tapped by annoying ads that appear everywhere. However, like other free sites, the videos you can watch will be limited, unlike what happens when you sign up for a premium account. Anyway, you will see the “Premium Access” window appear if you need an update to watch a specific video. Nevertheless, it’s a great alternative.



Like KissAnime, Chia-Anime offers free anime streaming and a wide selection of films, shows, and videos. All the Anime series that can be found here are dubbed and subtitled in English. This is why this site is popular with foreigners who do not speak Japanese. This site is suitable for all ages. On the other hand, the site is managed by ads. You may notice that advertisements are everywhere. You might find it a little boring to see, just a little patience. In any case, the site is worth a visit. You can certainly enjoy watching Anime on this site.

video master startup interface

You are looking for an effective way to download videos for offline viewing? If this is the case, the Video Master will be an ideal solution. It allows you to access the video clip on your local disk and watch it without the Internet. It also has a media converter to convert downloaded videos to the desired format for watching on your TV, mobile, or tablet without the Internet. Also, this tool allows you to edit video files, record computer screens, and create animated photo albums. To download the tool directly, click on the download buttons below. Then install the application by following the installation wizard.

Anime Planet

Anime PlanetURL:

Like AnimeLab and AnimeFreak, this site is also a refuge for Anime lovers. This site was founded in 2001. This site has built its reputation since it has been running for calm. Here you can find, Anime, Manga, Graphics, and reviews of the series you wanted to watch. What makes this site so interesting is that it was developed by fans and dedicated to other Anime enthusiasts. This website is not your ordinary Anime site; it is also a community where you can make friends. It is, therefore, preferable to open an account before using the site. In this way, you can follow people who share the same interest as you.



One of the largest and most popular Anime sites is Crunchyroll. One of the reasons why the site offers dubbing/subtitles in English and to help the non-native speaker of the language to understand the story. Also, the quality of the video produced by the tool is 720p for a comfortable viewing experience. However, to be able to use the site fully, you must register an account by associating an active email. Similarly, this site is also accessible to Wii U, Xbox 360, PlayStation Vita, Chromecast, PlayStation 3 and 4, Roku box, Windows, Apple Devices and Android phones. This can also be transcribed into these languages: English (the United States and the United Kingdom), Spanish, Portuguese (Brazil and Portugal), French (France), Deutsch, العربية, Italiano and Русский



GoGoanime should not be forgotten in the list of websites like KissAnime. This site has a huge database that offers all kinds of Anime, from the rarest to the most recent and popular. Anime series are arranged in alphabetical order so that you can easily view and find the one you like. On the home page of the site, you will see tabs where you can choose what you want to watch. What makes this site a great alternative is its versatility. Each film or series you watch on this site contains several servers. In any case, the link you have picked does not work; you have several options to choose from. If you want a reliable server, it is strongly recommended to use “OpenLoad”. The loading speed is fast, and it will be easier to obtain the video if you plan to download it.

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