Google+ Making Some Big  Developments 



Google+ Making Some Big  Developments

Just a few weeks after its launch, Google+ is already becoming very popular with its first users. It is estimated that up to 5 million users are already part of the service’s user base, and many websites are choosing to adopt the +1 button. However, despite all this, we still don’t know if Google+ is here to stay or if it will fail like Google’s other social networking attempts.

In the meantime, things seem positive for Google+. If you are not yet registered, or if you have not yet been able to do so, you can take a look at what is happening in the service pages. Here are five notable developments concerning Google+ since its launch.

Increase in the number of Google sharing buttons
Although Google+ is far from being close to Facebook, it gives value for money on Twitter. According to various sources, there are already more Google+ Share buttons, or +1 buttons, on the Internet than Twitter sharing plugins. In the research on the 10,000 most visited websites, nearly 4.5% have +1 buttons and only 2.1% have Twitter buttons.

MySpace and Digg Heavy on Google+
Kevin Rose, founder of Digg, recently announced that he would move his domain,, to his Google+ page, which will also transfer his online activity to this network. In addition to Kevin Rose, Tom Anderson, co-founder of MySpace, is also on Google+. Anderson’s presence is so widespread that he even used the service to write a blog post renting Facebook and CEO Mark Zuckerberg for the recent integration of Skype on the site.

Invites to stabilize
Google+ was so flooded with invitations that Google got into the habit of turning the invitation feature on and off at random, and it was getting pretty boring. Users were also concerned about how they would invite their friends and, when these people finally took the time to check the network, the invitation feature was disabled. However, all this seems to have stabilized, at least for now. The invitation link has remained unchanged and has been working since Saturday.

Tips and tricks from users
Some of Google+’s most dedicated users have already joined forces and created a guide of tips and tricks for Google+ known as Google+: A collaborative document, which can be found on Google Docs. This more than 40-page document covers all aspects of the creative use of circles, tips on privacy, sending private messages and a comprehensive guide for Chrome and Safari. In addition, the guide, which is in English, is being translated into Chinese, German and Russian.

Upcoming business pages coming soon
Many companies are expected to be very enthusiastic about joining Google+ and Google plans to open its social experience to business pages in the “near future”. Many people wonder if when Google+ offers business pages, if Google Offers, Google Groupon and Facebook Deals form, will also extend to Google+.

So that’s what’s been happening on Google+ since its launch. If you have not yet received an invitation, you can start making more friends or find a way to join the network. Even if Google+ is being tested, it is already gaining in popularity.

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