Earn Free Paypal Money Legally

PayPal is one of the most common payment methods online. Whether you are an entrepreneur, buyer, gamer, or manager of your own business, you are likely to have used PayPal as a means of distributing and receiving payments. What if we told you that there are ways to earn some money on PayPal for free?


We are not kidding. There are legal ways to earn some money on PayPal for free, just by sitting at home or anywhere else you want, and do nothing. Most people make money through PayPal by sitting at home, working as employees, or running their own businesses locally. But we will show you how to get free PayPal money without much effort.


Using websites

There are many websites where you can fill out questionnaires and express your opinions. They also allow you to take part in quizzes, perform tasks such as installing applications and playing games, or even watch a certain amount of advertising. All these tasks and activities allow you to earn credits or points (depending on the conditions of each site) inside the site itself, which you can then convert into real money by withdrawing an equivalent amount of cash from your PayPal wallet.


  1. is a great site that allows you to earn free PayPal money.

Here you can fill in as many surveys, offers and watch as many ads as you want every day to earn points. The more surveys and offers you fill out or see more ads, the more points you earn and therefore the more money you can earn.

There is also a bonus for you if you invite more friends and relatives to join the site. Thus, you have the right to earn 1 point for every 10 points earned by each of your referrals.

free paypal money

  1. investment

Earnventure is another great site that allows you to earn free PayPal money.

Just like, here you can also fill in as many surveys, offers and watch as many ads as you want to earn points every day. The only difference is that instead of points it is called credits.

Keep in mind that offers are not the same for all regions. This depends on what the market in your region has to offer, and even if the offers and studies are the same in the two regions, the number of loans may differ.

It is a simple site that allows you to earn credits and withdraw money to your PayPal wallet. If not PayPal, then you can choose Amazon gift cards, PlayStation gift cards or any gift cards or codes to purchase in other applications and video games. And all you need to do is bind your email ID.


Use of monetary reward applications

From the very beginning of smartphone use, companies have tried to reach as many people as possible through their smartphones in various ways. These apps are one of the ways in which they are successfully coping with this task.

If you’re looking for one of the easiest ways to get free money on PayPal, then it’s probably the easiest way. We would say that this can be the easiest way.


  1. featuresPoints

FeaturePoints is available for download to Android and iOS users from their gaming store, the main purpose of using FeaturePoints is to try out as many apps as possible from their recommended list. Installing and using these apps will reward you for the points you earn, which you can exchange by withdrawing equivalent amounts from your PayPal wallets as real money.

Application types can range from educational apps, music apps, games, news apps, photos and more. The number of points offered will depend on how big the application is and how long it will be used. The usage time can vary from a few minutes to several days.

You can also earn more points by inviting your friends and relatives, using your referral code. Thus, you earn 50% of the total points they earn. So, the more you invite, the faster you earn points.

This is a secure and legitimate application and we strongly recommend you to try it, especially if you already use smartphones or tablets quite often. At least in this way, you almost make money sitting at home trying new things.

  1. CashPirate

CashPirate is another application that offers you credits or coins in exchange for installing and testing free applications. The offered coins, as always, are displayed at the bottom left of each offer and indicate the complexity of the task. The higher the complexity, the more coins are rewarded for this task.

CashPirate is one of the oldest applications and has been around for a long time. In addition to trying out new applications, you can also watch ads and fill out questionnaires to earn coins, but these methods are not as profitable as installing and launching new applications. Sometimes the coins earned through ads and surveys can take days to affect your CashPirate account, which is a bit disappointing, so we strongly recommend that you stick to the application installation.

Once you have earned a certain number of coins, you can convert them into real money and withdraw them to your PayPal account. You can also top up your mobile plan or withdraw gift cards for Facebook, Amazon if you don’t need PayPal money.


Using affiliate marketing

Marketing and promotion for other companies through your social media accounts and websites (if you have your own website) is a great way to earn some PayPal money for free.


Companies or individuals can contact you to promote their products and services on your social networks, such as Instagram, Facebook and the websites or blogs you run. They will pay you for each unique customer or visitor to their site through advertisements or links posted on your sites and social media accounts.

This is especially important when you have a big fan on Instagram, Twitter, and your blogs and websites.

Most affiliate programs are managed by the companies themselves, and links to them can be obtained directly from their websites. Other companies work with partner networks such as ClickBank, GumRoad or Shopify to sell through them.

Cash-back offers

It may seem a little strange to offer this, but you can get the money by spending it. But if you make a lot of transactions with your PayPal wallet, then this method is worth reading if you are looking at how to get free money on PayPal.

What we mean now is that when we say earn by spending, it’s when you pay using your PayPal account through different websites and payment portals for purchases and invoices, you can get different offers for refunds of cash.

PayPal is a supported payment method worldwide through numerous websites and portals. It is a guarantee that from time to time, especially during special sales, you will receive small and large money-back offers depending on what you are shopping for and where you are shopping from.

You can also use special applications, such as GiftPanda, which lists the various sites where you are guaranteed to find money-back offers to pay for PayPal or other media. The type of purchase can vary from clothes, toys, food, bills, movies, hotels, flights, etc.

This is not the best way to earn money, but you can watch to do it, when and where you shop.

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