Bing’s Shopping Section Gets Redesigned by Microsoft

Bing The next couple of weeks will be very busy for most people with Mother’s Day, summer break and graduation, all of which are on the horizon. Well, because of this, Microsoft has slightly changed the look of the shopping section in its Bing search engine, which includes the ability to link to Facebook accounts.

With this new Facebook integration, users can remember the birthdays of their friends and family and even share their shopping lists with them, according to a Microsoft report.

Other changes include a redesigned homepage with a new design specifically designed to more clearly display the best search results, popular products and even related articles in order to simplify and speed up the scanning of this information.

The updated results page now contains enlarged images at the top of the screen. It also offers more filters for fine-tuning the results and even allows users to hover over various elements of the mouse to display additional product information.

Although Google is undoubtedly the leading search engine, Microsoft has been actively investing in Bing for many years. Microsoft officials claim that there are great opportunities to radically improve the quality of user searches. Microsoft also said that if it continues to innovate with Bing, it could definitely launch Google.

However, this does not mean that Google will just sit back and accept it. The search wizard is constantly improving the algorithms to ensure that it retains user loyalty and protects its core market.

To increase their chances against Google, Microsoft and Yahoo are implementing a search partnership. However, last week Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz said that Microsoft’s AdCenter ad search engine is not delivering the results expected by the companies. However, both Yahoo and Microsoft said they are confident that improvements in AdCenter will lead to an increase in search revenue to the expected level before the year ends.
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