5 Best Android Antivirus App 2019

1. Norton security and antivirus protection

Norton’s free antivirus application eliminates all files and data, including viruses, and does not allow you to affect the speed and performance of your phone. The best feature of this application is the “consultant”, which shows the installed applications in the gaming store to prevent the risk of privacy violations. Other benefits include a spam filter, password manager and other useful premium features.

The application not only scans mobile phone data but also collects information about new threats and risks. It will then warn you of dangerous consequences that could cause problems.

Download Norton Security And Antivirus here

2. Kaspersky mobile antivirus

Kaspersky is recognized as the best free antivirus for Android, which provides security for smartphones, protecting them from malware and other viruses. The security system does not allow malicious or malicious websites to cause infection in your phone. Applications protect all financial information contained in your device from entering stores.
It also blacklists unwanted calls or messages, tracks your device in the event of theft or loss, blocks applications to unlock essential applications, and more.

Download Kaspersky mobile antivirus here

3. 360 Security

The 360 security system has almost all the features we are looking for in antivirus applications. The application has many features, including memory loading, file cleaning, theft protection, application manager and more. It cleans up unwanted files and unnecessary things from your phone, thereby improving the speed and performance of your phone.

It offers high-quality wallpapers for users to make block the screen look attractive. The convenience of getting it for free in the Google Play store, making it the best Android antivirus app to choose for you.

Download 360 Security Here

4. AVG antivirus

AVG is one of the best free antivirus products for Android, which protects your phone with built-in application blocking, wi-fi scanning, application access rights advisor. This is the only antivirus application in the Google Play store that receives more than 100 downloads. The app will free up space on your phone by deleting unnecessary files and data storage.

It increases the speed of the smartphone, eliminating the reasons for disconnecting the phone, without affecting the battery charge and overall performance of the phone. It also scans the network connected to your smartphone for threats.

Download AVG antivirus here


5. Avira anti-virus security

Avira’s anti-virus security is the best Android anti-virus application that not only scans the downloaded file and phone contents but also scans the external memory on the SD card with a virus. The application provides secure viewing of the content of the device and protection against theft in case of theft or loss of the phone.

While retaining all the benefits of the app, it is one of the most effective antivirus apps for any Android device that can be accessed free of charge.

Download Avira Antivirus Security here

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