An Australian schoolboy hacked into Apple servers to download 90 GB of secure files.

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A high school student from Melbourne, Australia, was arrested for hacking into Apple’s mainframe to download 90GB of “secure files” and access Apple customer accounts. The identity of the secondary school student cannot be revealed for legal reasons. According to the The Age report, the teenager had hacked into Apple servers “several times over a year”. The teenager would have done this “because he was a big Apple fan”.

It is surprising that Apple took some time to detect the breach and when Apple finally realized the intrusion, the technology giant based in Cupertino reported to the FBI. A global investigation was launched after the FBI managed to trace it back to Melbourne. The FBI contacted the Australian Federal Police (AFP) to follow the teenager and eventually arrest him and seize his systems.

AFP found the software used to hack into the Apple servers installed on the teen’s laptop. “Further analysis revealed that the schoolboy had successfully accessed the authorized keys,” the report adds. These keys allow users to log in and Apple says they are “extremely secure”. The teenager allegedly used WhatsApp to send these keys to other people.

The report states that the teenager is well known in the hacking community and has used VPNs and other tools to avoid detection by Apple and the authorities. However, Apple managed to fool the teenager by recording the serial numbers of Macbooks that were used to attack Apple’s servers.

The cops seized two Macbooks and their serial numbers match those provided by Apple that were used for the intrusion. A mobile phone and a hard disk were also seized. “The aim was to connect remotely to the company’s internal systems,” the report says. The young person pleaded guilty in court and is expected to be convicted next month.

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