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On-line streaming of movies, shows and series has been by far the most popular way to access the latest movie releases and view your very own personal favorites. PrimeWire is one of the most well known online streaming websites for watching movies online. You can browse a large collection of online media, including music also available for streaming directly from your browser. In fact, with the popularity of prime wire, you can find many sites like PrimeWire available to watch movies online for free. With these PrimeWire alternatives, you won’t miss a single episode of your favorite show whenever primwire experience downtime. Here are the top 10 free websites similar to PrimeWire.


1. Yify

Yify is an excellent alternative to PrimeWire online movies if you are looking for the latest movies. Their collection is updated regularly and all new products are displayed directly on the home page, as well as on PrimeWire. However, while with Primeiwre you can play movies online, with Yify you must first download the movie to be able to watch it, which means you will need free disk space for the file. Like the sites mentioned above, this one also offers the possibility to search by different parameters; genre, year, etc. which makes it much easier to discover new films. You also have the option to register to create account on the site, just as you can on PrimeWire, which will provide you with some additional features. Unfortunately, the site has recently experienced some problems and access is not always guaranteed or may take some time to load.


Afdah is a well-designed online video streaming website that has a huge library of new movies and is a great website like PrimeWire for TV shows and series. The entire content is divided into 27 different genres, making the search more specific than Primeiwre, but the database can also be searched by title, director or actor as usual. You can also use Afdah allows you search by languages, which you can’t do with PrimeWireag. Afdah also has excellent user support. If you find that a movie has a broken link, you can report it immediately and the operators will try to fix it as soon as possible. Afdah is one of the safest and most reliable streaming sites, making it a good alternative to PrimeWire. Afdah is compatible with many devices, so it’s sites like PrimeWire for iPad, sites like PrimeWire for iPhone and sites like PrimeWire for Android. If you want to learn more about Afdah, there is a lot of information on the Internet.


123Movies  is my number 1 favorite to Primewire, a reliable alternative you should never ignore. 123Movies is not new to online film and TV series lovers. But still, if you don’t know 123Movies, here is a brief introduction to this movie site.

123Movies is a free and popular online film and TV series website. Its user interface is quite minimalist and makes navigation easier. This means that many people are really excited about 123Movies and have done so as an alternative to their Primewire dose. You can filter movies and TV series in alphabetical order and even see the IMDb wise list of movies and series that quite handy to jump over the barrel. Then you have their famous gender filter based on action, romance, comedy, etc. and the country wise filter with impressive content.


To begin with, let us say a few words about one of the other streaming giants used by millions of users: Putlocker. Most people have come across Putlocker and it is definitely one of the best alternatives to watch tv shows than PrimeWire TV. Like PrimeWire, Putlocker also offers a wide range of TV programmes. Putlocker’s film collection is incredibly large and offers a variety similar to prime wire. You can search for movies according to different criteria: genre, year, last added, etc. The interface is clear and easy to use, however, it is full of ads that can be annoying if you use it frequently. The videos are accurately described and you can read a short description of the story of each movie without having to click on it. Hover your mouse over the movie and you will get the most important information related to it. PutLocker allows you not only to watch, but also download HD quality movies, a feature that is only available for some movies on Primeiwre.


Niter is a user friendly replacement for Primeiwre movies if you are looking for something with a large libraries of movie. Niter has an easy-to-use interface that is built to resemble the Netflix interface. When you open the website, recently added Niter videos will be displayed, just like on prime wire, but you can also search by several other categories (genre, release year, etc) to find what you are looking for. When you click on a movie of your choice, you will be able to read a short summary, see the official IMDB rating of the movie and watch the trailer. Like most free websites, Niter also has a good number of ads and pop-ups, so installing a good ad-blocker is definitely a good idea.

6.Solar Movie

Solar Movies is another popular site as primewire and in the coming days it could consolidate its position as well as it has been here for some time now.

SolarMovie is one of the few websites you will find by offering free online content to video and TV enthusiasts.

Just like other good movie streaming sites, the user interface is kept clean where you can find TV series and movies quite easily.

In addition you have search filters like the filter of the year, the gender filter, the release year likes quite accessible. Streaming and downloading option is available.

7. 5Movies


5Movies is a simple looking streaming site that has a common GUI as 5movies and Movie25. 5Movies offers a decent collection of some of the latest and most popular productions, although it’s not as big and diverse as PrimeWire’s. The toolbar at the top of the homepage allows you to search by genre, release year and much more, just like PrimeWire, but with a few more options. 5Movies is one of the few streaming sites where you can download content in addition to streaming. If something you’d like to watch seems to be missing from the 5Movies collection, you have the option of sending a request to the operators to add that particular movie to their database. The website’s domain has recently been updated to, so make sure you have the correct address stored.

8. Coolmoviezone


Coolmoviezone has a slightly more modest GUI, but still, navigating through it is not a difficult job. The movies are available to watch in high quality and as on PrimeWire, there are a number of external links in case one of them doesn’t work. A feature that few other streaming sites have besides, PrimeWire has the ability to download movies with a single click. With Coolmoviezone you can do this in different formats (FLV, 3GP, WMW, MP4, MOV). Surprisingly, I didn’t meet a single ad or pop-up after using the site for 5 minutes, something that would certainly not happen with the PrimeWire site which is full of ads. Although it is not one of the most popular online streaming sites, Coolmoviezone is certainly a neat, growing site that will gain popularity in the future.

9. PorpCornFlix

porpcornflix is a good alternative to site like PrimeWireag, with its vast collection of favorite movies and tv show of which more are added to it on daily bases. It has become a quick alternative to primewire because recently primewire has not worked so well for many. And in such a case, Popcornflix like other online movie streaming site offers a little bit more with its improved user interface and layout.

Popcornflix was made for people like us who want to watch Great Movies Free-of-charge and since it’s creation, it has been of benefit to several millions people by providing a huge database of films and TV series.

And in their directory section, you can find more categories like newcomers, staff choices, the most popular, feature films, action, drama, horror, Sc-Fi etc..




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