Afdah: 15 best Alternatives to afdah


GoMovies is a free video streaming site like Afdah not to be missed. It is a relatively new site, but its popularity continues to grow. GoMovies has great movie data, and TV series and new releases are added frequently so you can always find the most recent movie here. Videos are sorted by gender, country, main IMDBs, A-Z list, etc. With GoMovies, you can first enjoy the camera version if you can’t wait to watch the movie. Generally, after only a few weeks, the HD version will be available. It is not necessary to register or register to watch movies. You visit the website and start enjoying the instant broadcast of movies and TV shows.


123Movies If you are looking for sites similar to Afdah that offer HD quality movies, then 123Movies will be a good choice. Most of the movies provided on this site are in HD for a better viewing experience and all the hit movies can be found here. 123Movies has a fairly simple interface and all movies are well classified by genre, country, IMDB ranking, A-Z list, etc. so you can easily navigate to find your favorite movie. You don’t need to register, but you can register to receive the latest news from the film. Fast loading speed, HD quality, frequent updates and an intuitive interface make 123Movies a must for movie lovers.


Hulu is one of the best websites like Afdah for watching movies online and you will certainly love this site. Similar to Afdah, various types of films are provided for you to spend your free time and the latest updates published regularly. Television programs, documentaries and even private media are also available in Hulu. According to the research, Hulu claims to offer media that you can watch as long as 700 million hours! One thing to mention is that Hulu has child-friendly content that other Afdah alternatives do not offer. Although it will be about $7.99/month, you can first try it for free for 30 days. Another advantage of Hulu is that you can stream video to computers and any mobile device, which is very convenient if you prefer to watch movies on the move.


Niter is a user friendly replacement for afdah movies if you are looking for something with a large libraries of movie. Niter has an easy-to-use interface that is built to resemble the Netflix interface. When you open the website, recently added Niter videos will be displayed, just like on prime wire, but you can also search by several other categories (genre, release year, etc) to find what you are looking for. When you click on a movie of your choice, you will be able to read a short summary, see the official IMDB rating of the movie and watch the trailer. Like most free websites, Niter also has a good number of ads and pop-ups, so installing a good ad-blocker is definitely a good idea.

Solar Movie

Solar Movies is another popular site as afdah tv and in the coming days it could consolidate its position as well as it has been here for some time now. SolarMovie is one of the few websites you will find by offering free online content to video and TV enthusiasts. Just like other good movie streaming sites, the user interface is kept clean where you can find TV series and movies quite easily. In addition you have search filters like the filter of the year, the gender filter, the release year likes quite accessible. Streaming and downloading option is available.


5Movies is a simple looking streaming site that has a common GUI as 5movies and Movie25. 5Movies offers a decent collection of some of the latest and most popular productions, although it’s not as big and diverse as afdah tv. The toolbar at the top of the homepage allows you to search by genre, release year and much more, just like afdah, but with a few more options. 5Movies is one of the few streaming sites where you can download content in addition to streaming. If something you’d like to watch seems to be missing from the 5Movies collection, you have the option of sending a request to the operators to add that particular movie to their database. The website’s domain has recently been updated to, so make sure you have the correct address stored.


Coolmoviezone has a slightly more modest GUI, but still, navigating through it is not a difficult job. The movies are available to watch in high quality and as on afdah tv, there are a number of external links in case one of them doesn’t work. A feature that few other streaming sites have besides, afdah has the ability to download movies with a single click. With Coolmoviezone you can do this in different formats (FLV, 3GP, WMW, MP4, MOV). Surprisingly, I didn’t meet a single ad or pop-up after using the site for 5 minutes, something that would certainly not happen with the afdah site which is full of ads. Although it is not one of the most popular online streaming sites, Coolmoviezone is certainly a neat, growing site that will gain popularity in the future.


LosMovies is another film streaming site similar to Afdah. Like Afdah, LosMovies offers a wide film connection with an intuitive layout. You can browse the movies by genre, date added, rating, release date, A-Z, etc. A search bar also allows you to quickly find your favorite movie. In addition, LosMovies allows you to filter movies by actors and directors, which is not supported by the 4 previous similar Afdah sites. This is especially useful if you are looking to follow a movie star or director. You can also select 3D movies and sort movies with subtitles. When looking for alternative websites to Afdah, don’t forget to try LosMovies!

DLL Film

Movie DLL is a film site but not yet for all ages. Many sites offer categories for children, but not this site. The site is highly recommended for adults. The majority of the films listed were in 18 categories, Suspense, Thriller, which may not be suitable for young people. Just like any other video sharing site, this site does not store any of the films on the portal, it indexes other sites to provide direct access to them. This means that every search you do on the site, and it will crawl for you and provide you with links to use. The only disadvantage is that you cannot guarantee that the links you click on do not have any bugs or viruses that could affect your PC.


BobMoviesNET is an online film site where you can find the best film on different genres. What makes it different from other video sharing sites is that it does not have the ability to sort movies according to your preferences. It will only give a list of movies on tiles look for the movie you would like. Continue scrolling down to see where you can move to the next list. The good thing is that you can watch the movie without any complicated procedures. You must move your mouse over the film tile, then the play button will appear. It will then take you to a page where you can get information about the film. Just play the film and enjoy it.



Next on the list is LookMovie. This site is also a site that offers free access to online movies. Almost all sites offer the same service. However, differs only on the restriction set by the site. This one does not need a registration to use it. For F2Movies, you must click on the film tile to see the description of the film. This site has a fascinating web page because of its appearance. He seems reliable and very informative. After consulting the web page, it contains the title of the film and the synopsis together. No need to click on anything to see the review of the movie. That’s why it’s very convenient to use the site to watch movies.



Fmovies is another video sharing portal where you can access free to watch movies. You can use the website even without creating an account. It is a site for everyone. This site provides a good list of films because the films are relevant. The look of the site is also a plus since it is very interactive and it looks catchy. What is so good about this free site is the ability to provide a list of movies in high definition. This is a good thing for a free site. Not all free movie sites have a complete HD list. Just like any other site, you will also need to pay attention to click ads. Each time you click on a movie, the ad opens another tab. Be sure to return to the official page to continue looking.


Yidio may seem new to you. This site is like any other movie site. You can access it for free; watch an unlimited number of movies at any time. What is good about this site? Well, it’s updated. The site was able to obtain the latest films already released in theatres. How to train your dragon was released in Australia on January 3, 2019, and the site has already acquired a link where you can watch it. Compared to the previous sites mentioned, you may find this site a little nostalgic. The design of the site is a little outdated compared to the others. If you are looking for a site that has fewer ads, you may consider visiting this site. The media players he uses are not bad.



F2Movies is a very interactive and interesting film portal site, where you can watch films of different genres for free. Once on the page, you will notice that the site has the latest movies released last year and this year. In addition, the site is simple and easy to access. There are only three tabs to allow you to easily sort the movies according to the most popular and suggestions on the site. In addition, there is a filter button located at the top right of the site. This way, you can sort by type, video quality, year of release, country of origin of the film and, most importantly, genre of the film.

Film club

Film Club is another free film sharing site that contains a huge catalogue of films from different periods of the past and present. Similarly, it is always updated each time they acquire new links for newly released films. So if you’re looking for afdah tv alternative site where you can get the latest ones, it’s best for you. However, there is one thing you must be aware of. The site contains many ads with a single click of the mouse. Most of the time, it will open another tab for the ad or on the main page itself. You might find it boring because that’s what he does all the time. Especially if you are inactive for a few minutes. When you click again on the site will load another ad.


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