AAPS goes on Google for students

During the 2014-2015 school year, the Technology Department will launch Google Education for all students in Ann Arbor Public Schools.

How will accounts be created?
To use Google in the classroom, each student will need a signed Google authorization form in the school office folders.

ITD will automatically create student accounts for students twice a week with authorization forms in its files.  This account will be considered the official email address of the Ann Arbor Public School District until the student is no longer enrolled in the Ann Arbor Public School District.

What does Google Apps for Education provide?

Students will have access to Google Docs (word processing, spreadsheet, surveys, presentation software), a Gmail account, calendar, reader, documents, website creation tools and more. This will allow your students to register online safely and collaborate with teachers and other students. These accounts will be used for school projects and will comply with the Acceptable Use of Technology Policy of the Code of Conduct.

Here are some of the advantages of the Google system:

Students have a secure and controlled email address.
They can work on any paper, presentation, etc. in class and access it on any Internet medium.
the computer to continue with him.
Students can collaborate in real time.
The automatic registration function provides some protection so that changes are not lost.
Students can download existing Office documents and edit them in Google Drive. They can also store
other file types (acting as a drop box).
Each student has a minimum of 5 gigabytes of document space and 25 gigabytes of email space.
For more information, please visit the AAPS Google Support site.

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