A step in the clouds towards unlimited storage

Tired of constantly having to upgrade to a larger hard drive? Wouldn’t it be great if you could have unlimited disk space? What if you could access your files through any device and several locations? As a photographer, I can’t tell you how invaluable that would be! Photos take up a lot of space. To achieve good print quality, a single photo can take up to 5 MB of space and when you drop 150 photos on your hard drive after each shot, it doesn’t take long to fill it up.
New beta software may well be the solution. This is a startup called Bitcasa; when you install it, the capacity of your computer’s hard disk becomes, essentially, infinite! It is currently only available for Apple computers, but a Windows version is under development; and application plans for mobile devices are also under development.

Bitcasa creates the illusion of unlimited disk space but the files are stored on a cloud server. Your computer will respond to the opening of any file as if it were local and there will be no waiting for downloads, even videos!

The use of a storage service is not a new concept. Dropbox, Amazon, SkyDrive, Google Docs and several others have been in these business of online storage for a while now. But Bitcasa is not like these services. It does not move files or synchronize them. Bitcasa does not know what the file is, what its name is, what its content is or anything about the file itself. It only processes bits and bytes, the 1′s and 0′s of digital data. The data is encrypted on the client side. It’s a bit like contemplating the universe for me because I’m surprised that my photos can go from an image to zeros and ones and zeros and vice versa.

Bitcasa only costs $10 a month! Ten dollars for unlimited space? How is that possible? Tony Gauda, CEO of Bitcasa, says $10/month still gives the company significant margins. The fact is that 60% of the data is duplicated. For example, if I have an MP3 of the new Foo Fighters single and someone else has it too, they would be composed of the same zeros and ones. I find that incredible! Also times are tough as well if $10.00 per month is difficult to get out of your budget, a free version less than unlimited is being developed. Bitcasa will be free during the limited beta trials. You can register to access it here.

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